Sheriff Matt HasselMarshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel was granted permission by the Commissioners to apply for a DNR Marine Patrol Assistance grant that they are partnering with the Lake Maxinkuckee Lake Association.  The grant will help to provide marine patrols during the summer on the lake.  The Sheriff said the grant value is $15,000.

A second grant now available is Naloxone, commonly known as Narcan, from the State Health Department.  The Sheriff told the commissioners he’d been getting narcan from an Indiana Attorney General Grant but that funding has dried up.  The state has now opened a grant application process through the Indiana State Health Department.   This will allow the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department to receive Narcon kits at no cost.

The Commissioner unanimously approved the grant request.

The commissioners also approved seeking additional funds from the Council for the spending of $15,208.15 to purchase a second, fingerprint machine to be located in the Marshall County Probation Department.

Sheriff Hassel said sometime those convicted of misdemeanor crimes or more minor felony crimes don’t end up in the jail so their fingerprints are not captured.  The state has a new court system they are using and those records are being entered into a data base without fingerprints.  The sheriff said, “To avoid a situation such as the Texas church shooting, where a misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence doesn’t get entered, the federal data base doesn’t know to deny them permission to purchase a firearm.”

This machine would be a duplicate of the system at the jail.

He was granted permission to pursue funding for the second fingerprint system.   Judge Colvin will seek funding from the County Council.

The final item Sheriff Hassel brought to the Commissioner’s table was seeking approval to begin obtaining quotes for the 2018 vehicle purchases.