Plat BOok_old and newMarlene Mahler, the Marshall County Recorder showed members of the Marshall County Council how she is spending some of the funds in her perpetuation fund.

Plat book_oldDuring last week’s county meeting, Mahler did a “show and tell” presentation between a plat book from 1836 and a refurbished one. Five of the county’s original plat books were sent to a company in Michigan who used special fluids to clean and brighten the pages.  It also removed all the tape that had been used to keep the pages together. Once cleaned the pages were placed into acid-free liners that will preserve them forever.

plat book_newThe Recorder said the process used is the same method that was used to save the Declaration of Independence.

Mahler used the Recorder’s perpetuation fund to complete the project.  No tax dollars were used.