Bourbon_downtown street sceneAlthough a discussion of a property located in the 800 block of North Main Street was not on the meeting agenda, Bourbon Town Board members expressed their willingness to respond to a letter received from the owner.

Bill Keyser, Bourbon Zoning and Building Superintendent continues to refer to the house on the property as inhabitable and is moving forward with enforcing town ordinances concerning unsafe houses.

The owner stated in the letter to the Board that the house has had electrical service since 2002. Keyser said he has not been given access to the house to confirm or deny that the electricity is connected.

Bourbon Clerk/Treasurer, Kim Berger, said there were not water or sewer services to the house.

The Board advised Keyser to proceed with enforcement.

In other business  a property identified as the Elizabeth Cary property located on West Center Street could be deeded to the family of Cary.

Bill Keyser had been named executor of the property in a court action so that outside debris and a variety of abandoned vehicles could be removed. Town Attorney Mark Wagner indicated that all expenses associated with the cleanup of the property have been recovered through an IRA that was found.

Carol Anders Correspondent