Jesse BohannonMonday morning on the What’s Your Opinion Show, Republican Conservative Jesse Bohannon announced that he would once again seek the Republican Party’s nomination to be a 2018 candidate for the Indiana House of Representatives in District 17.

In 2016 Bohannon lost a hard fought race to Jack Jordan the current incumbent for that seat.

“I never anticipated I’d be running again for the Indiana House of Representatives, but over the past year voters from around the district have asked me if I would consider running again,” said Bohannon on the WTCA morning program.

Bohannon cited education as a primary focus of his campaign, in particular financing for local schools that are performing well but suffering from a lack of fiscal support from the General Assembly.

“I love the idea of renovating old theaters, I love museums they are wonderful things,” said Bohannon. “But I saw on TV the other day that we’re going to pay to build a dinosaur museum in South Bend, but we don’t have enough to give our schools the financial support they need. That doesn’t seem like a good use of funds.”

Bohannon also pointed to numerous tax and fee increases enacted by the Assembly in 2017, many of which he feels are unnecessary or could have been much less than the amount enacted.

“I’ve heard from many people that Representative Jordan has been unresponsive to their calls and emails,” he said. “I believe the office of State Representative is small enough to have one on one relationships with constituents, yet just big enough to be able to make a difference for them.”

Rusty Nixon Correspondent