steel postsJason Peters, Supervisor of Marshall County Highways is asking rural residents who have place steel posts in the county’s right-of-way to remove them or move them back out of the right-o-way.

Peters said this time of year some residents are concerned with people driving in their yards so the place deterrents in the grassy area to vehicular traffic.

Driveway marketsPeters said the steel posts are a safety liability for the property owner since they are placed in the county’s right-of-way.  He said the fiberglass driveway markers are not an issue and actually appreciated by county snowplow driver during the winter’s snowy season.

The Highway Supervisor also said pounding steel posts into the county’s right-of-way could cause an issue if the homeowner was to hit underground utilities that are in the right-of-way.  The property owner would be responsible for repairs to the utilities.

If a property owner feels strongly enough that he needs that steel post it was recommended it be placed at least 5 feet from the edge of the roadway.