UnityWalk11-18-17_1More than 60 people braved the pouring rain and cold temperatures Saturday afternoon to attend the first every Unity Walk in Plymouth.

UnityWalk11-18-17_2Organizer Jim Smart was granted approval earlier in the week by the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety to hold a Unity Walk.  He was pleased with the attendance with the weather so bad.

UnityWalk11-18-17_3The walk was in support of the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Dreamers who live, work, play and raise their families in our community.  Strong said the walk is an attempt to build a stronger and more diverse community here in Plymouth and Marshall County.

UnityWalk11-18-17_4Participants gathered at St. Michael Church for a short prayer and then ventured south to St. Thomas Episcopal Church for another prayer before walking through downtown Plymouth to Penguin Point and then back to St. Michaels.

UnityWalk11-18-17_5The ecumenical walk was to show the Latino community local support for the DACA Dreamer, the ones who came to the US as children and have lived here in the community as undocumented.

UnityWalk11-18-17_6In October President Trump’s administration announced plans to end DACA.