The 2017 Ghost Walk will embark promptly at 7:00 p.m. in the Marshall County Museum this Saturday, October 28th.

GhostWalk_Mummy Hanging in Doorway2017Visitors are encouraged to arrive between 6:30 and 6:50, purchase their tickets and get a group assignment. All groups start at the same time.  Late comers will be added to groups that have already started.  Tickets are $10. Children 14 and under are free.

GhostWalk_Jacob Ness_Kurt Garner_2015The adventure will take about  an hour and a half as each group treks from floor to floor to hear every story. Interpreters assuming the persona of various Marshall County residents circa 1882 – 1950 will tell their stories revealing the development of our community.  These stories will be told through the characters of businessman W. W. Hill (Kurt Garner), Culver Military Instructor Robert Rossow (Jeff Kenney), and Plymouth mother Josie Drake (Teressa Welborn).

GhostWalk_Edith Walters Davis BoggsWith your group, discover secret stairs and hidden passageways of the museum.  Come and hear the chilling stories of those who died too soon.  From mill worker Tillman Wagoner (Sam Erwin) to nurse Treva Swihart (Liz Garza) we will hear the tragic accounts of lives cut short by unnatural causes.  Other characters include Charles Thomas (Dennis Bottorff), Mary Simons (Sue Irwin), Joshua Bunch (Hugh Rettinger), Ed Keck (Tom Pedavoli), and Martha Boggs (Brenda Anderson).

GhostWalk_Sam Erwin as Clarence Albright2015Tickets may be purchased at the Museum at 123 N. Michigan St., Plymouth in advance or the night of the Ghost Walk.  Come explore the dark corners of the museum with friends.  For more information, call 574-936-2306, or visit our Facebook page, Marshall County Museum Historic Crossroads Center.