Charles Brown Community CorrectionsOctober 6, 2017, was a day of celebration for 22 Correction Professionals throughout Indiana. One of those 22 was Marshall County Community Corrections Case Manager, Charles Bowen, Jr. Chuck graduated from the Indiana Department of Correction Leadership Academy, held at the Correctional Training Institute in New Castle, IN.

IDOC Leadership Academy is a two-week program in which participants are chosen by their colleagues to attend the prestigious Academy.

The Leadership Academy is designed for staff to unlock and develop their potential to become the future leaders in Corrections. Participants attending the academy must be prepared to commit to becoming a better leader in the workplace and in their lives.

The program focuses on developing and improving self-awareness, leadership, personal accountability, initiative, positive attitude, communication, team building, and problem solving. To do so, participants are required to complete assignments between weeks one and two of the academy. The assignments are designed to challenge participants to develop their leadership skills.

“I am very proud of Mr. Bowen’s accomplishment at the Leadership Academy,” said Community Corrections Director Ward Byers, “It is a true honor for our organization to have been selected to send a representative.” Byers went on to say, “It says a lot of Chuck’s character and ability to have graduated from the Academy, his being in New Castle was not only a personal commitment for him but one for his family, I not only congratulate Chuck on this professional accomplishment but I thank his family for supporting him during his absence.”

Charles Bowen, Jr. has been a Case Manager in Community Corrections for the past 2 years and currently supervises moderate to high risk felony offenders.