budgetThis week the Marshall County Council took the final steps to approve the 2018 budget and salary ordinance. 

Prior to taking a vote on the budget, County Council member Penny Lukenbill asked members to review the budget for Superior Court II.  Judge Dean Colvin originally sought a request for full-time law clerks by contract in next year’s budget in the amount of $75,000 plus $45,000 in the part-time line item for law clerks. 

Lukenbill suggested a reduction in the budget for law clerks.  She said during the budget hearings the council reduced the $75,000 down to $45,000 and made it part-time law clerks and took out the full-time law clerks. She noted that in the 2017 budget he requested $20,000 and has only spent about $6,500 as of June.   

Lukenbill motioned to reduce the part-time law clerk line item by another $15,000 leaving $30,000 in the part-time law clerk line item.  She noted that it would be a 50% increase from this year’s budget and if an issue came-up the judge could seek an additional appropriation from the council.    

Council members unanimously approved the $15,000 reduction in the Superior Court II budget and the ordinance for the 2018 budget which has a total amount of $24,966,389 along with the 2018 Salary Ordinance.