Garner_Rettinger_MileyThe Marshall County Council unanimously approved the request of Karin Rettinger from the Marshall County Museum, Historical Society Board President Mike Miley and Commissioner Kurt Garner’s request for an additional appropriation to fund a new Fire Security System.

Monday morning Rettinger told the council that there is an “essential need” for the new system because a recent evaluation revealed that half of the building is without protection.

Commissioner Garner said they are asking for $7,000 to be transferred from funds that the state gave to the museum.

Rettinger said the money was allocated to the museum about 12 to 18 months ago as a follow-up disbursement to the building project that was pre-2010.  The museum felt using the funds to fund an improvement to the building was an appropriate use of the additional funds. The project is scheduled to be started on Tuesday at a cost of $5935.

Previously it was suggested Building and Grounds would pay for the cost to update the fire system and then the museum could do a reimbursement back to them.  This additional will allow the museum to pay for the project directly.