Mayor's Youth Council_Street pick upThe Mayor’s Youth Council received unanimous approval to move forward with their “Adopt a Street” project. Two members of the council presented a slide presentation on the proposed project to the Plymouth City Council on Monday night.

Griffin Nate and Nicole Keller told the council members that the idea has been in the works for six years. They said the next steps would be to meet with the Street Department to determine how or if plastic bags of trash collected could be picked up as well as any hazardous materials. They will also be looking for signage to be installed by the Street Department.

The funding for the ongoing project could come from local businesses. Nate said they plan to send out letters to businesses explaining the details. He said the model they are using is from a Florida community that seeks $100 each year; however, they have not established a fee for the local area. They will be seeking sponsorships for materials such as plastic trash bags and safety vests.

Keller and Nate indicated that they will continue as a not-for-profit and use any money collected that is not needed for project to hold monthly downtown community events.

Speaking for the entire Youth Council, Nate and Keller said they want to help current and future generations.

Carol Anders Correspondent