Sept. Nat. Prepardness MonthNational Preparedness Month is in its fourth and final week, and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) is asking Hoosiers to consider their workplaces or school campuses when making preparedness decisions.

This week of National Preparedness Month is “Get Involved! Be a Part of Something Larger.” This week, Hoosiers should take time to work with schools, college campuses, workplaces or faith-based organizations to make sure the proper preparedness steps are being implemented.

Listed below are tips to consider when working with these types of facilities or organizations:

–          Students are encouraged to discuss safety information with campus officials, such as teachers, professors and residence advisors. Make sure that regular safety drills are happening, as these will help to address the safety of everyone on campus.

–          Know the proper evacuation routes in the workplace or at school and share this information with colleagues, so that all employees have a chance to safely exit the premises in the event of an emergency. Practice using alternate exits in the event one is blocked.

–          Visit with local faith-based organizations to share preparedness information that can be passed on to their attendees.

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