County News_logoLast week theMarshall County Plan Director, Ralph Booker and Joel Markland with BCA Environmental Consultants updated the County Commissioners on a 3- year Brownfield Grant that will close out the end of this month.

A coalition was formed with the City of Plymouth taking the lead and Marshall County and the Town of Bourbon joining in the coalition to assess Brownfield sites within their jurisdictions.  The $600,000 grant provided for 18 Phase I investigations and 22 Phase IIenvironmental site samplings. Brownfield sites investigated were in Argos, Bremen, Bourbon, Plymouth and Culver.

The grant was provided as a way to encourage economic development of questionable sites. As a result of the grant, about 25 jobs were created and it leveraged over $2 million in outside funding to date including the development of Indiana Composites in Bourbon.

Markland said the county could pursue additional grants to assist with the redevelopment of the properties where issues were located for environmental cleanup.