_Harvest Festival of Bands_ Marching Band InvitationalOn Saturday, September 30, the Pride of Plymouth will host the 17th annual “Harvest Festival of Bands” Marching Band Invitational.
PHS Band Director Bryan Ames said, the event has always been a popular show in north central Indiana, but with the addition of the newly added artificial turf at our new Rockpile stadium complex, the show has grown a lot and PHS needs more help this year than ever before.

Ames said, “This year we already have nearly 30 high school marching bands signed up to attend. That means around 2,000 band members and thousands of audience members will be coming to our Plymouth High School campus on this day. This will be the largest event our band has ever hosted.”
Plymouth High School is actively seeking adult volunteers to help work on this day in various roles.

Volunteer timers: Use a stopwatch and keep track of time in warm up locations – and you get to hear all of the school’s practice their show.

Volunteer gate guards: Open and close the gates to the stadium when bands enter and exit.

Volunteer tour guides: Walk with the visiting schools and help them find their way around campus so they can warm up and get to their performance area on time.

Volunteer score runners: Take judges sheets from the press box to the school. This does involve a lot of walking – but you get to see all the shows from the press box.

All of these volunteer jobs will run from around 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. with a dinner break in the middle.
If you would like to sign up for a volunteer shift in one of the capacities above please contact Plymouth High School Band Director Bryan Ames via email at bames@plymouth.k12.in.us.