Jefferson_SplathTeachers at Jefferson Elementary School plan to make a splash on Friday! Students not only have the opportunity to witness their teacher’s plummet into a dunk tank, but it will be their aim that ultimately lands their teachers in the tank.

Several Jefferson teachers have volunteered themselves to take the plunge, including principal Angie Mills.

Mills said the dunk tank is a reward for the students accomplishing their school goal last month during the Ford Drive 4 UR School event fundraiser. Mills said, “We turned in over 300 test drive forms and we anticipate on hearing hear back soon that we met the maximum award which is $6,000.”

On August 19 for three hours Jefferson staff and PTO volunteers along with staff members from Oliver Ford in Plymouth, hosted the fundraiser at Jefferson. Ford offers a $20 donation for each valid test-drive the school lines up for the event.

The money Jefferson will earn per each test drive can be used for sports, booster clubs, music programs, and the many other miscellaneous expenses associated with running a school.

The dunk tank is scheduled to arrive early Friday morning. Soon after it will be filled up with cold water. From 10:30 a.m. until noon Mills and a handful of other brave teachers will each take their turns in the tank as each class will make their way outside the school to take part.

“The weather will be great, so we welcome parents, and community members who took part in the Ford Drive 4 UR School event to stop by Jefferson Friday morning, said Mills.”