Shell building # 2

Several months ago, after a presentation by Marshall County Economic Development Corporation Director, Jerry Chavez, the Redevelopment Commission voted favorably to consider a manufacturing building project to be located on property across Commerce Drive and west of the new Pretzels, Inc. factory.

A Regional Cities grant would pay for part of the project.

PIDCO Board Member Brent Martin appeared before the Redevelopment Commission Tuesday evening to report that subsequent to the Redevelopment Commission vote, the PIDCO Board also voted in favor of pursuing the project.   He stated the PIDCO board was asked by MCEDC to donate 15-20 acres of industrial park land for the project and that while the board was in favor of the project, they could not make an outright donation, mentioning that PIDCO, unlike Marshall County Economic Development Corp. and the Redevelopment Commission, is not a tax funded entity.

Instead, PIDCO suggested infrastructure improvements might be considered in exchange for the land.   PIDCO had asked Phend & Brown, infrastructure contractors and engineers, to prepare an estimate of the cost to improve Commerce Drive and provide infrastructure west of Pioneer Drive.   That estimate is $753,310.00.   Martin further stated that approximately $500,000 of this amount benefits both the City of Plymouth and PIDCO, while the balance would benefit access to the City’s water treatment plant.

The information provided was only to give the Redevelopment Commission an understanding of where PIDCO is on the project and no action was taken by the commission.