Soil & WaterMarshall County Soil and Water Conservation District is excited to offer two events for people to get involved with local conservation.

The first event, Tread in the Shed, is a walking tour in Centennial Park on Saturday, September 23rd from 10:00 am to noon.  The walk will start at Hoosier Old Wheels shelter and continue on the Greenways Trail.  Topics will include birds, habitats, streambank stabilization, water quality and rain gardens.  Presenters include Pat Knight from Songbirds of Northern Indiana, Kim Hoover bringing predator birds and representatives from Cardno, Inc., a local environmental services company.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn what is being done in the area to address water quality, conservation and wildlife habitats.

The second event is the installation of a rain garden in Centennial Park.  The planning is complete and we are ready for installation.  We are looking for several volunteers to help with the planting on Saturday, September 30th.  Debbie Palmer from Soil and Water said, “We will begin at 9:00 and continue until we are finished.  Just bring your gloves and shovel.  Perhaps you will be inspired to install your own rain garden and Marshall County SWCD can help.”

More information about both events can be found at or call the Marshall County SWCD office at 574-936-2024 x 3.  Hope to see you there!

By Debbie Palmer