BourbonThe Bourbon Town Council, Tuesday evening returned to discussions convening the five properties owned by Karen Holms. Town Attorney Mark Wagner was absent from the council meeting in April when the council voted to reject an offer by Holms to settle an outstanding $20,000 bill for city services. Wagner had been negotiating with Holms through her attorney. She had offered a payment of $9,000 and requested a grace period of many months to stop the minimum charges for utilities.

In April, the council voted unanimously to reject the offer. However, Wagner stated his position again at the May meeting. Wagner said he has been negotiating with the attorney representing Holms and indicated that there could be a $10,000 payment, but Holms wanted an eight month grace period.

Wagner said, “At some point you have to be a little practical.” He went on to say they could seek deadlines to bring the properties up to an operating place and be rented or sold.

Wattenberger made a motion for an upfront payment of $10,000 and a five month grace period for additional utilities charges. Wagner will bring the offer to Holms through her attorney and report back at the June council meeting.

The vote on the motion was 2-1 with Handley voting against.

Carol Anders Correspondent