The ninth Health Fair was held at Menominee Elementary School on Thursday, May 4.  This is the fourth year the Health Fair has be held at Menominee; previously it was hosted by Washington Elementary School, now known as Washington Discovery Academy.

Menominee families were encouraged to stop by with their students and attend the multiple five minute groups to presentation of a variety of topics.

North Central Area Vocational Cooperative Health Careers Students who attend class at PHS presented health-related topics, in a fun hands-on kid friendly way!

PHS Health Fair2017_Jeopardy·      Health Jeopardy

PHS Health Fair2017_wheelchair·      Wheelchair Races

PHS Health Fair2017_First Aid·      First Aid/Safety

PHS Health Fair2017_Dental·      Dental Hygiene

PHS Health Fair2017_Bullying·      Anti-Bullying

·PHS Health Fair2017_Poison      Poison Control

PHS Health Fair2017_accident·      Car Accident Prevention

PHS Health Fair2017_Exercise·      Exercise and Wellness

·PHS Health Fair 2017_HealthyEat      Healthy Eating

PHS Health fair2017_Hand Wash·      Hand Washing

PHS health Fair2017_Hygiene·      Personal Hygiene

PHS Health Fair2017_emergency·      What to do in an Emergency?

PHS Health Fair2017_Fire SaftyA team of Health Careers Students also presented how to react in case of fire emergencies showing the stop, drop, and roll technique.


Physical Education Teacher, Michael Kershner, and Health Careers Instructor, Jona Cartwright, B.S.N., R.N, plan the event each year.  “I take care of everything on the side of getting the gymnasium set up, scheduling everything, logistics, etc.,” said Kershner.

Cartwright and her students handle the content. “This is their final Health Careers project. It is a large part of their grade, so they have to be prepared as they are teaching elementary children about their health.  This is a great way for my high school students to put into practice what they have learned all year and they are great mentors for the elementary age students.”


Students representing the Health Careers Class (Plymouth High School (PHS), John Glenn High School (JGHS), Triton High School (THS), LaVille High School (LHS), Culver Community High School (CHS) are as follows: Alyssa Arick (JGHS), America Arroyo (PHS), Sandra Baca (PHS), Vanessa Baca (PHS), Beth Beatty (THS), Derrick Campana (PHS), Emily Cochern (PHS), Rachel Crawford (PHS), Elisha Cripe (JGHS), Brittany Culp (PHS), Felicia Dixon (PHS), Cheyenne Dreibelbis (JGHS), Paige Good (CHS), Kristin Heise (CHS), Rylee Lautt (CHS), Victoria Leazenby (PHS), Gaby Luna (PHS), Aiden Miller (PHS), Becca Miller (JGHS), Jenny Moreno (PHS), Jennifer Quintana (PHS), Kayla Perry (JGHS), Pam Rosas (PHS), Abby Schmidt (JGHS), Mikayla Sommers (PHS), Miranda Southwell (PHS), Emily Toth (JGHS), Kaitlyn VanGilder (PHS), Zoelle Zellers (PHS), and Toni Ziola (LHS).