Earlier today, the IHSAA Executive Committee approved the sectional assignments in six team sports for the next two school years.

Following adjustments made in volleyball, girls basketball and boys basketball, the Executive Committee accepted the recommendations of the respective realignment committees which determined the sectional groups for the 2017‐18 and 2018‐19 school years.

In each of the three above listed sports, Wood Memorial was moved from Class A, Sectional 63 to 64 and Orleans was moved from Class A, Sectional 64 to 63. Also, LaPorte was moved from Class 4A, Sectional 2 to 3 in volleyball only to be consistent with their placement in the other two sports. Three committees consisting of school administrators representing each IHSAA district and class were constructed to realign the sports.

The football committee totaled 18 administrators, the basketball and volleyball committee was made up of 12 members and the soccer committee consisted of nine individuals. The baseball and softball realignment committee will meet this summer after both state tournaments conclude in June with their sectional recommendations being presented to the Executive Committee for approval at its August meeting.

For basketball Plymouth will play in sectional four at Elkhart Central with Central, Elkhart Memorial, Goshen, Northridge, Warsaw, Plymo0uth and Concord.

Sectional aligments for other area teams remain essentially the same.

The football alignment will remain essentially the same for Plymouth with the addition of CMA to the same 4A sectional.

Baseball and softball will re-align after this year’s tournament.

For the complete realignment visit http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/news%20media/2016-17/050117.pdf