bumpoutAllie Shook, chairman of the Discover Plymouth Design Committee and Sandy Read Marshall County’s Purdue Extension Community Wellness Coordinator updated the Plymouth Common Council on the Action Plan from the Active Living Workshop that was held last September.

Improved crosswalkWalkability and bikeability were two factors that Plymouth needs to address.  The design committee has suggested six points to their action plan with the first one being to adopting a Complete Streets Policy and implement it when restriping roads.  The committee recommends connecting fitness facilities using a new walking trail along the Schuh Ditch, expanding the Greenway Trail to Ace Fitness, having the Park Department continue working to bring a trail to Dixon Lake and having the city create bike lanes.

crosswalkBumpouts, bike racks and benches are easy ways to improve walkability and bikeability and samples of improving existing crosswalks will make it safer for pedestrians.

alley artArt everywhere is the idea to create gathering spots in the alleyways between Michigan and Center Streets and Michigan and Water Streets.  Shook said they would like to hold some block parties in the alleys this summer with music and artwork created by students at Plymouth High School.

Parklet_1Councilman Jeff Houin said he was excited to see the number of people committed to the plan.  He also wanted to know how soon people will see something visual from the plan.  Shook said the Art in Alleyways is in progress and in the next month or so there should be something to see.  When he asked how the City Council could support the plan Shook said financially, either individually or as the city.  It was commented that Mayor Senter did include $5,000 in the Promotion of the City budget this year for Discover Plymouth.  It was suggested Discover Plymouth invoice the city for the appropriation.