The Marshall County Highway Department has started to put their 2017 Road Plan to work.

During Monday’s County Commissioner meeting Highway Superintendent Jason Peters presented 43 miles of county roadway that will be ground this year as part of the reconstruction program.

Peters said the Asset Management Plan has an inventory of all county roadways and the PASER testing scores each county road.  The roadways being ground back to gravel all have a score of 1 to 3 which required a reconstruction.  Peters says his hope is to resurface the ground up roadways in the next 2 to 5 years depending on the County Council’s financial support.

Peters told the commissioners they used the PASER tests, residential housing counts, the AADT-Annual Average Daily Traffic information and economic development to determine which roads will be ground.

The reclamation process will grind off the old road material and add additional material to re-establish a good road base, ditch and berm work along the roads will help to keep standing water off of them and then repaving in a few years.

The following is a list of roads to be ground this year:

Ule Trail from 1st Road to the County Line

Union Road from US 6 to 1st Road

1C Road from Thorn Road  to Union Road

1C Road from US 6 to the county line

2B from Quince Road to Sage Road

Pine Road from 1st Road to the county line

7th Road from Queen to Plymouth LaPorte Trail

5C Road from Pine to around curve

Lilac from 1St Road to the county line

Jarrah from US 6 north to the railroad tracks

Gumwood from 1st Road to the county line

3rd Road from Grape Road to Fir Road

5th Road from Jarrah to Juniper

Juniper from Plymouth Goshen Trail to 6B Road

6B from King Road to Ironwood Road

6th Road from Juniper to Ironwood Road

Hawthorn from Plymouth Goshen Trail to 5C

5C Road from Hawthorn Road to Grape Road

6th Road from Fir to State Road 331

Elm Road from 5th Road to 6th Road

Cedar Road from 3B Road to 6th Road

Beech Road from US 6 to 6th Road

7th Road from Jarrah Road to Elm Road

Hickory Road north of 9B

Cedar from 12th Road to 10B Road

11th Road from Lincolnway to US 30

Hickory Road from 12B Road north

11th Road from Jute Road to King Road

15B Road from State Road 331 to Fir Road

Apple Road from State Road 10 to 18B Road

Elm Road from 19B Road to 18B Road

20th Road from State Road 117 to Queen Road

Pine Road from 13th Road north to Happy Acre Trail

Tulip Road from 9C Road to 10B Road.