BourbonBourbon’s Water Superintendent, Steve Stacy was given approval Tuesday evening to perform a smoke test on the filtration equipment. He said they had pumped 8.5 million gallons of water during the last few weeks of rain. He indicated that the usual amount pumped is approximately 5 million gallons.

Work on the installation of privacy doors in Bourbon park restrooms could be completed this week. The majority of restroom renovations have been completed.

Fencing for the proposed dog park for Westwood Park has been ordered and scheduling for installation will begin after the restroom renovations are completed.

The Bourbon Town Council approved tax abatement compliance forms for the Bates Corporation and Indiana Composite. Part of the original tax abatement for Indiana Composite included wording for 198 employees. At this time, there are only 30 employees. The Council agreed to review the matter in one year in order to give the company time to grow.

Hours for disposing of yard waste at the town’s dump have been extended to include Saturday hours. Hours had been for weekdays only, but one patron indicted that it was difficult to get his yard waste deposited within the time limit. Town police will open the gate at 8:00 A.M. and close it as 4:00 P.M.  Signs are posted to limit dumping to yard waste only. Officers and other town employees will monitor the usage to help ensure that other waste is not dumped. Bill Martin, Police Department chief, said over ten pounds of litter illegally dumped is subject to a $250 fine.