BourbonThe Bourbon High School Alumni President, Francis Berkey, appeared before the Bourbon Town Council Tuesday night to seek a reduction in the rental cost of the Matchett Center for their annual meeting. They had been paying $200 and the price was lowered to $150 for one year only. Berkley noted that the number of alumni members had dwindled in the past years resulting in less money for the organization. She said attendance at the event varies from 80 to 120 depending on what graduation year class they are honoring,

The Bourbon Town Council also approved the part-time hire of Tim McIntyre at the Street Department and full-time hire of Steven Walsh at the Waste Water Department on a vote of 2-0-1. McFarland said he was going to continue to abstain from voting until there was a consistent hiring practice in place. He indicated that the Council provides oversight on hires, but he has no knowledge of applicants being considered. It was noted that Wattenbarger did sit in for one of the interviews for one of the latest hires, but only as an observer.

It was recommended that some possible language to compile a policy be submitted for Council consideration at a future meeting.  Hanley said there could be an option for a Council member to sit in on all interviews.

Carol Anders Correspondent