BourbonThe Bourbon Town Council spent yet another several minutes during their April 11 meeting discussing what steps to take to resolve a potential settlement for properties owned by Karen Holmes. Holmes owns four properties in the town and all four no longer have water services due to an outstanding water bill of $22,234.75. Holmes continues to occupy the home at the corner of Thayer and Sunset Streets. There has been no water provided by the town for at least two years.

It was noted that electric service to at least three properties was shut off by NIPSCO.

Waste Water Superintendent , Steve Stacy, said he believes Holmes is bringing in water that has been purchased or otherwise obtained to flush the toilets.

Town Attorney, Mark Wagner, was absent from the meeting. Clerk/Treasurer, Kim Berger, said Wagner is in favor of accepting a cash settlement of some $10,000 if it can be negotiated. It was noted that Holmes is offering $9,000; however, she wants the town to clear liens on the properties as well to keep them from being sold in a tax sale and an eight-month extension to pay for services.

Council members voiced their opinions that they were not in favor of a settlement as proposed. P.J. Hanley said,” If we are going to lose $12,000 , then I would rather pay Mark (Wagner) to fight it in court.”

The three Council members, Hanley, Les McFarland, and Larry Wattenbarger, then unanimously voted to suspend all services to Holmes including trash and leave debris pickups. They instructed Roger Terry, Street Department, to pick up trash containers at all of the properties in question.

It was further decided to consult with Wagner for further action.

Carol Anders Correspondent