County News_logoCounty Highway Department to cut $23K from this year’s Operating Budget

Monday morning during the Marshall County Council meeting, Councilwoman Penny Lukenbill brought forth the recent decision of the (DLGF) Department of Local Government Finance to cut $23,406 from the county highway.

Lukenbill’s recommendation was to allow the highway department to make the determination of what line items those cuts should come from.  While the county council has the final say-so, they anticipated Highway Administrator Laurie Baker and Highway Supervisor Jason Peters making a recommendation at their May meeting.

Commission Kevin Overmyer who was in the audience said the highway experienced an $11,000 increase in Workman’s Com and seen a $5,000 short fall in revenue from January 2016 to 2017 and another $1,000 loss in February which bring the total loss with the DLJF’s cut to nearly $40,000.   Overmyer also reminded the council the $1.4 million they county has received the last couple of years for the relinquishment payments for US 31 are complete.


Council member Bill Githens suggested residents contact their state legislatures and ask them to support the road funding bills, especially the house side which sends much more funding to the local governments.


District 18 State Senator Randy Head can be contacted on line at or by calling 800-382-9467; District 9 State Senator Ryan Mishler on line at or by calling  800-382-9467and District 17 State Representative Jack Jordan at 800-382-9841 to express concerns about road funding. Road funding is the focus of this year’s state legislative session.