Call to actionThe second part of the Indiana General Assembly has concluded.  One MAJOR problem that has happened is that the legislators have eliminated the $5,000 Military Income Exemption for Indiana Income Tax.  Reservists, National Guardsmen, those on Active Duty, Surviving Spouses and Retirees are losing this deduction!

Additionally, Governor Eric Holcomb (a Navy Veteran) asks us to help him move Indiana to the next level.  The Governor’s initiative is an important tool to boost the Indiana Economy by activating an incredible, but under-utilized economic force – Our Hoosier Veterans.  Most importantly, the Governor is giving Veterans a seat at the table during the most critical time of the legislative process – the Budget Conference Committee.

I Urge you to contact you STATE Senator and Representative and tell them to make sure the conferees on the Budget Conference Committee restore the military income tax exemption, keep all the other hard fought funding in the current proposal, AND add the Governor’s Veteran’s tax exemption initiative to grow the Indiana Economy.   Call each of the two switchboards and TELL THE RECEPTIONIST TO GIVE THE MESSAGE ABOVE TO YOUR LEGISLATORS:

House: (800) 382-9842

Senate: (800) 382-9467


What to say in your email or call:


(Senator or Representative XXX) I (call or email) you today urging you to restore the Military Income tax deduction (The deduction was eliminated by mistake” earlier in the session, currently set at $5000)that our Active Duty, Reservists, Guardsmen, Surviving Spouses, and Retirees currently receive. Keep the veteran medical treatment pilot, keep the veteran homeless assistance, keep the additional assistance to veteran service organizations, and add full deduction of military retirement income for state taxation.  Our Hoosiers serving, those who have served, surviving spouses, and their families deserve everything we can do to support them.  They all contribute far more than they receive and most of all — THEY ARE A GREAT INVESTMENT THE STATE SHOULD MAKE!

Additionally, contact Senator Long, Senator Mishler, Senator Kenley, Senator Hershman, Representative Bosma, Representative Dr. Tim Brown, Representative Huston, and Representative Friend telling them to support the Governor’s initiative and ALL the military/veterans legislation included in the Budget.

Contact information:

E-mail                                                                          Phone Number                                           317-232-9416                                       317-232-9814                                        317-232-9453                                   317-232-9840                                                          317-232-9677                                                          317-232-9651                                                          317-232-9850                                                          317-232-9981