NewsMike Reese from the Troyer Group updated the Plymouth Park Board this week on the pedestrian bridge from River Park Square to the Rivergate South residential development project.

The footbridge which is proposed for another phase of River Park Square will become a reality much sooner than expected.  The residential developer, Scott Sivan has added the bridge to his project feeling that it is an asset to his project.

Reese said the bridge would be similar to the other pedestrian bridges on the Greenway Trail although they are upgrading the esthetics by using a cable railing which is a bit less visible.  The schedule is to complete the design and drawings over the next month so they can be submitted for permits can be acquired.  Plans are to begin construction in August or September.

Once completed control of the bridge will be turned over to the Park Department.  City Attorney Sean Surrisi said the developer would like to keep the bridge closed until his residential project is complete so it won’t allow pedestrians into the construction zone.