County News_logoThe Marshall County Building and Grounds Department would like to purchase a used bucket truck.

On Monday Doug and Gary Masterson appeared before the County Commissioners with a quote to purchase a 1980 30-foot bucket truck from a local company at $4,700.  The brothers explained their need.  There are 26 parking lot light poles at the Jail and over 20 wall-pack lights on the building and they would like to change their own lights instead of hiring it out.  The building and grounds department also wants relamp the lights at the jail to LED.

Normally they hire an electrician who then has to rent a lift at a cost of $1,800 to $2,500 to change the parking lot lights.  The department also has to hire out the window cleaning because they don’t have anything tall enough to reach the windows.  That cost is $3,800 a year.

Councilman Mike Delp had concerns with the age of the vehicle.  He said, “I have problems buying an almost 40 year old unit.  The price is reasonable for a 40 year old unit but I know what kind of upkeep goes into bucket trucks that I’ve been around and I’m concerned with its age.”  He said he’d rather spend more money and get something newer.

While he agrees with what the building and grounds wants to do with the bucket truck he believes there should be some due-diligence in checking out other bucket trucks prior to purchasing the first one they found.

They asked building and grounds to bring them back some other options.

The commissioners did approve the purchase of a new lawn mower since the building and grounds department will be taking on the responsibility of mowing at the county highway garage and the EMA building.

With two quotes the commissioners approved the low quote of $9,300 for a Scag from Smith’s Farm Store.