Monday evening during the Plymouth Common Council meeting, Councilman Gary Cook asked Kurt Garner if he knew of any state or federal funds available for improvements to the Old Fire House.

Old Fire House_1Garner indicated that the city had received funds to conduct a feasibility study for restoration on the building from the DNR 2 years ago.

OldFireHouse_2City Attorney Sean Surrisi said additional funds are available from the DNR but it’s limited to $50,000 and the study estimate was around $500,000.  He said since there was no use for the building or proposal they haven’t taken any action on making improvements.

Old Fire House_2Garner said the Old Fire House would have been a great Regional Cities Initiative project for a business incubator.  He suggested some kind of work space or flex space.

OldFireHouse_4Cook suggested contacting Congresswoman Jackie Walorski who sits on the House Ways and Means Committee and see if she could put something in the federal budget for the restoration of a building on the historic registry.

Old Fire House_3