FultonCounty Mugshot_James Ramey BookingAt approximately 10:00 am Tuesday , a Fulton County Indiana Deputy in response to an Amber Alert issued from Fulton County, Ohio stopped a 2006 black Chrysler Town and Country van.  The vehicle was south bound on US 31 and the vehicle stop occurred near US 31 SB and Fulton County Road 100 N.

The subject, one James Ramey was taken into custody without incident.  A 10-month-old male child and a female occupant of the van were not injured.  The child was taken into protective custody by the local State of Indiana Division of Child Services and later released to family members from Ohio.  The female occupant was also release to family members.

Ramey is subject of an ongoing investigation in Fulton County, Ohio and is currently being held in Fulton County Indiana Jail until extradition arrangements are made for charges out of Ohio.