VanGilder_Driving classTerry and Julie Clemons, owners of the Van Gilder Funeral Home in Plymouth recently attended the Dancing With the Stars fundraiser for the Neighborhood Center. The participated in the auctions and were lucky to win an automotive package that included a driver’s training course from Hoosier Driving Academy valued at over $400.  With their daughters grown they didn’t have a need so they decided to give back to the community.

Contacting the guidance department at Plymouth High School, they asked to school to select a student who could benefit from such a gift.

15 year old Andie Kizer was the choice and last week Andie and her parents, Nate and Tawn stopped by the Van Gilder Funeral Home to receive the gift.

A freshman, Andie has been talking about taking driver’s training but with the families recent move back to Plymouth the funds would not be available.  Andie and her parents were extremely appreciative of the generous gift.