Commissioners_Kreighbaum Lake KlienedinstLast week the County Commissioners heard the request of James and Jean Klinedinst to transfer ownership of approximately 18 acres of Kreighbaum Lake to the county so they don’t have to pay taxes on the water any longer.

While lakes and rivers are typically owned by the DNR when the land around Kreighbaum Lake was divided the property lines went out into the water.

A few years ago the Klinedinst’s appeared before the commissioners with the same request but failed to take the necessary action to make the transfer.  With two new commissioners on board it was suggested they appear again and plead their case again.  During the meeting they noted that they are the last property owners of Kreighbaum Lake to still own a portion of the water and while paying the taxes on the lake portion for years, they feel it’s time to deed to water to the county.

The county commissioners were receptive of the idea and asked the Klinedinsts to have the proper paperwork prepared to deed the property to the county.  Once submitted the county commissioners will act upon the request.