TritonHighSchool_selfart2017Triton Jr.-Sr. High School Eighth graders Alexis Whitehurst and Keegan Westafer are shown using the new Wacom digital drawing tablets to create self portraits.


Mrs. Phenix and Mrs. Hostetler’s classes at Triton Elementary School are doing a lesson on measuring. We measured the primary hallway and discovered it is 108 yards long from door to door. The students were having trouble understanding the meaning of a yard so we used this activity to help them.

TritonElementary_Dr. susse 2017

March 2nd was Dr. Suess’ birthday. A few of Mrs. Melling’s kindergarteners at Triton Elementary School dressed up to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day.

Pictured in the Dr. Seuss picture are Mayson Treesh, Alivia Byrd, Alexis Kaufman, Carter Grossman, Brice Neff, Rylan Stetzel, Owen Feldman, and Kensie Schuh.


Congratulations to the Triton Trojan Jazz Band on earning a gold rating at contest on Saturday! Way to make music, Blue!

TritonHighSchool_ND ScienceFair2017_Sami

Congratulations to Triton Elementary School fourth graders, Sami Middaugh and Travis Barnhart on earning special awards at the Notre Dame Regional Science Fair last Saturday. Travis won the Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values “Newton’s Cradle Award” and Sami won the “Water Crusader Award”.

TritonHighSchool_ND ScienceFair2017_Travis