LJH_Presenters3-2017Eighth grade students from Lincoln Junior High, Innovation Academy presented their video entitled “Don’t Text and Drive” to the Plymouth School Board on March 7. The four presenters are enrolled in an Integrated Chemistry/Physics class at Lincoln.

Lindsay Janus, Claudia Marohn, Jeik Barron, and Addison Shireman, said the driving question behind their project was “how do we, as advertisers, use the logic of physics and math (in addition to emotion), to convince the public not to text and drive?).  The conclusions demonstrated in the video were based on the students’ research about how distance verses displacement, speed, velocity, and acceleration while driving. Among other data, they studied speed limits, distance traveled, and braking times in different locations in Plymouth.

The video was shown in the announcements at both Plymouth High School and Lincoln Junior High. WTCA Radio has used an audio segment over the air some 20 times.

Seventh grade students, Gaby Padilla, Tanner Fence, and Brice Zeigler, talked about a project underway in Uganda. The project, Sole Hope, was founded by Dru and Asher Collie. The purpose is to combat jiggers that burrow into flesh and lay eggs that multiply and destroy soft tissue. Sole Hope cleans children’s feet and then fits them with shoes.

According to their presentation, “Almost 95 percent of people in Africa have signs or symptoms of jiggers”.

The presenters said they are asking people to be an advocate for the project, donate shoes, donate money, or hold a collection site to gather medical supplies.

Carol Anders Correspondent

Front Row L to R: Gaby Padilla, Tanner Feece, Brice Zeigler
Back Row L to R: Brice Zeigler, Addison Shireman, Claudia Marohn, Lindsay Janus