River Park Square archMonday evening the Plymouth Park Board held a public hearing on the LARE (Lake And River Enhancement) Grant for the study of a bank stabilization project in River Park Square along with the design of a new canoe/kayak launch and analyzing the historic foot bridge.

Michael Reese from the Troyer Group and John Richardson from Cardno presented information on the study and design concepts.

There several options for the bank stabilization project and at this point according to Richardson.   Cardno is looking at all the options and will recommend the best option for the location.

A location for the canoe/kayak launch has been selected.  The proposal is east of the parking lot with a walking sidewalk to the lower flat area.  It appears funding for this portion of the project may be available through the DNR.  Reese said they’ve indicated they could pay for the sidewalk and simple concrete ramp.  He noted it would all be ADA accessible.

The structural engineers from The Troyer Group will also be analyzing the foot bridge and recommending improvements that are allowable to historic structures.