lincoln Junior High logo newThe Plymouth School Board will hold a public hearing on April 10 concerning plans to build a new junior high school building. The hearing will be held on the same night as the regular Board meeting that was rescheduled due to spring break.

The hearing will be held at the Administration Building.

Several months ago a committee of stakeholders was formed to study the various aspects of replacing the current Lincoln Junior High due to the deteriorating condition of the building. The committee included representatives from teachers, administrators, industry, and other community members.

During the March 7 meeting, Superintendent Daniel Tyree said they have been working with an architect and will now be putting a “facility plan in action.” Board President, Todd Samuelson, said, “I think we’ve all seen this coming for many years.” Samuelson went on to say that a building plan has been a part of the overall strategic plan for many years. He said the debt occurred for Riverside Intermediate School and Menominee Elementary will be falling off.

Both Tyree and Samuelson referred to the desire to retain the history of the current building.

Later in the meeting, Tyree indicated that a new structure would be built east of the current school building and that the football field and track would be eliminated at that location.