2017Made in Marshall County_Harmony PressIn an attempt to promote local businesses, as well as introduce soon-to-be graduates to opportunities within their community, Ancilla College; the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC); and the Bremen, Culver, and Plymouth Chambers of Commerce hosted the first “Made in Marshall County” event Tuesday at the Swan Lake Resort.  Additional sponsors included Swan Lake, the City of Plymouth, and the Superintendents Study Council.

Marshall County’s manufacturing base has a long history of providing diverse goods and services to the area. This special event allowed local firms to feature products that are produced, assembled and/or distributed locally from Marshall County. The event also gave participating businesses the opportunity to connect with the next generation of workers. Solving workforce development issues involves a myriad of strategies, one of which is connecting with future workers and familiarizing them with potential career paths.

2017Made in Marshall County_cabinetsThe primary focus of the event was to provide an opportunity for area high school seniors throughout the County to get acquainted with the products and associated processes, training, education and potential employment opportunities as they prepare for their futures.

Jerry Chavez, Executive Director of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation said, “This type of networking can ultimately prove positive for both the students and the businesses.”