Solid Waste new logoAt their meeting Monday, members of the Marshall County Solid Waste Management District Board got a peak of the amount of recyclables that came through the Recycle Depot during 2016.

Executive Director Marianne Peters showed a graph during the meeting that listed 5 tons of universals recyclables which include batteries and light bulbs.  10 tons of Household Hazardous Waste and 13 tons of metal were collected at the Recycle Depot in 2016.  Also collected last year were 40 tons of co-mingled items including plastic bottles, glass bottles and aluminum.  A total of 48 tons of tires were saved from the landfill along with 64 tons of electronics and 164 tons of paper and fiber.

Looking at additional numbers from last year, Peters said there were 17,431 customer visits and 1759 televisions collected.  An interesting statistic was 16,564 pounds of household hazardous waste material was collected and reused by customers taking it home with them.  Peters said, “I’m thankful for that because we are not paying for it and that number is way up from the year before when it was just over 10,000 pounds.”

Last year four companies who conduct curbside recycling reported their collecting data to the Solid Waste District.   With a countywide population of well over 46,000 and more than 17,000 households only 2,243 tons of recyclables were collected.