john-deere-4055The Marshall County Highway Department was authorized to purchase a mowing tractor from Dennis Polk Equipment in Warsaw during Monday’s commissioner meeting.

Jerry Ambrose told the commissioner he located a good used 1990 John Deere 4055 and would like to purchase it because the compact utility tractors they’ve been using have a transmission that won’t hold up to the demand of moving along county roadways.

Ambrose said this row-crop tractor is an older style tractor with a stronger frame that can take more of a beating, last longer and they have the ability to work on them.

The cost, $44,500 includes the tractor, mower deck and having the frame built for the deck.

The commissioners approved the purchase with a pre-pay claim and the tractor will be taken to Tennessee to have the frame and deck installed.  Ambrose said the mowing tractor should be back by mid May, just in time for the mowing season.