SolarFarm_panelsOn Thursday afternoon Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter and members of the Aviation Board had to opportunity to tour the new Solar Project at the Plymouth Municipal Airport.  Ground was broken for this project just last November.

Built on just over one acre, directly south of the airport, the solar project has been creating power for 4 weeks.  Bruce Breeden from Telemon Corporation said, “The system’s 756 solar panels create enough energy power to sustain approximately 24 homes.”

SolarFarm_panels_2While the system gathers the energy from the sun, even on cloudy days they solar farm still provides electric power to NIPSCO.  An underground system transfers the power from the solar farm to NIPSCO.

SolarFarm_GroupDave Lattimer said the solar farm is generating much more income for the airport than the property ever did as a farm ground for lease and   after 15 years, the solar farm will belong to the airport.