Hi-Tech DuraventJim Malone, Industrial Sales Manager for Hi-Tech Duravent confirmed Wednesday the facility in Plymouth is closing.  He said, “We are closing the Plymouth facility but all the equipment and some of the employees have been relocated down in our Abbeville, SC plant.  We will keep a small office in Plymouth for some key employees as well.”

Malone said only a couple employees are relocating to the South Carolina facility even though many were offered jobs.  He said, “As you know, it isn’t easy to up and move your family.”

While they are still producing some of their metal end fittings here, Malone said it’s only for a couple more weeks.   He said 3 employees will stay on in Plymouth after the full closure in various roles.

Malone said the process of relocation started on August 1, 2016 and they hope to complete the move by the end of this month.

When asked by WTCA behind the closure Malone said, “Our facility in South Carolina is roughly 360,000 sq/ft and our facility in Plymouth was 60,000.  It made sense for us to consolidate and have all of our production, quality and engineering under one roof while also allowing us to stock more product for our customers.”