Alicia Dennie phsPlymouth High School senior Alicia Dennie has been named one of Purdue Universities Featured Twirlers for 2017-2018.  Alicia will be twirling as one of the Silver Twins along with Brooke Wyatt of LaFontaine, Indiana.  Many people know Alicia from twirling at all of the home PHS basketball games for the past four years along with many halftime performances and parades.  Alicia will be a freshman at Purdue next fall majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics with hopes of going on to Dental School.

Alicia Dennie_ PU twirl

Alicia began twirling because of Purdue University and watching their twirlers when she was seven years old at a football game.  She was amazed by them and talked her parents into signing her up for Daphne’s Dolls.  Daphne Stapleton saw something in this little blond and encouraged her to begin competing with her daughter Jillian and a few others.  All along the way, through competing and performing Alicia’s end goal was to twirl at Purdue and now come September 2nd, at Lucas Oil Stadium, that dream/goal will be a reality.