local News_2On Monday the County Drainage Board had three maintenance projects to open bids on.

Three companies submitted bids for the Riley-Warner Ditch project which includes debrushing approximately 1700 feet along with straightening the channel.  LDP Excavating bid $21,090 while Kolesiac Construction submitted a bid of $9,400.  Low bidder for the project was JD Excavating for $7,650.

The second project on the Fletcher Ditch is to clean and straighten hooks and debrush approximately 3750 feet.  Only one bid was received, from Kolesiak Construction for $4,775.  They were awarded the project.

The final project on the Baker Ditch did not receive any bids.  County Surveyor Craig Cultice told the drainage board he though the April first deadline for completion may have caused apprehension in bidding on the project.  The drainage board decided to extend the completion date to May 1st and conduct a special meeting on March 6th before the commissioner’s meeting to open and award the bid for the project.