The Bourbon Town Council continues their efforts to cleanup unsightly properties and demolishes unsafe houses throughout the town. They have been working through legal channels to force the owner of a house at 606 North Washington Street to bring the home up to code.

A property owner adjacent to the house in question appeared before the Council Tuesday night to speak to the difficulties she is experiencing. Jamie Westafer said the inside of her home was wreaked last December when raccoons entered through her unused chimney. Westafer said there were two baby raccoons that weighed an estimated 20 pounds each that were finally captured along with a mother raccoon weighing 40 pounds that was stuck in the chimney. She said another large raccoon was discovered last week in the chimney as well. Westafer claims the raccoons are coming from the vacant house where she has seen the destruction to curtains and blinds in the upstairs windows.

The Council voted unanimously to proceed with further legal action, including filing for a lien for outstanding utility bills of between $1,600-$1,700. Town Attorney, Mark Wagner, said, “We will be pursuing all avenues of relief.” It was noted that the accumulated utility bills were from the four separate properties owned by the same person.

Carol Anders Correspondent