County Building_2The Marshall County Council has a rather lengthy agenda for today’s meeting that begins at 9 a.m.

Sheriff Matt Hassel will present the commissary report and a proposal for the commissary budget.

Tori Stull representing the Personnel Committee has a number of issues to present to the County Council…a new job description for the 1st deputy in the Treasurer’s Office, job description and salary for the case manager for Community Corrections along with a change from salary to an hourly rate for the part time Community Corrections Officer, job description and salary for the Assistant Museum Director, and board appointments, for elected and non elected.

County Treasurer Angie Birchmeier will discuss the interim full-time position while Karen Richey from Purdue Extension is asking for an additional appropriation.  Also on the agenda was County Recorder Marlene Mahler will discuss E-recording and watermarking.

The County Council will also consider additional appropriations requests and transfers.

The meeting is open to the public although public input is limited to the first order of business.