City HallThe City of Plymouth will hold their regular meetings beginning at 6 p.m. with the Board of Public Works and Safety.  The board is expected to award the quote for a news heavy duty 4500 series truck for the Street Department and open quotes for new vehicles for the police department.

Also on the agenda are reports from board members and department heads, a resolution to declare certain EMS bills delinquent and uncollectable and a resolution to purchase a front-end loader under a prior written contract.

The common Council meeting is scheduled for 6:30.  The council will hold a public hearing for additional appropriations while the city attorney will present an updated agreement for Umbaugh services and the Rooney agreement.

Dave Lattimer from the airport will present the revised 5-year plan and the city attorney will present a resolution for the additional appropriations.

Under other business the council is expected to accept donations of $500 each to the Plymouth Police Department and Fire Department from the Behavioral Health Center.

Both meetings are open to the public although comments and questions are limited to agenda items only.