County News_logoMarshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel was granted approval to use DEA ceased funds to purchase a piece of equipment for the Drug Task Force and Interdiction Team.

The Sheriff told the County Commissioners the Bremen Police Department wrote a multi-jurisdictional multi-county grant for drug interdiction for 2017.  Writing the grant they omitted an equipment line in the grant.

The Sheriff said he met with the Drug Task Force Board who suggested using the DEA Forfeiture Funds that have been ceased in different drug cases in the county to purchase an electronic contraband detector.

The Buster Contraband Detector is a density meter that can identify concealed items through materials like wood, metal and reinforced plastics.  Sheriff Hassel said this equipment will allow officers to see through and into the cavity of vehicles where suspects hid drugs and more.

The quote to purchase the contraband detector is $6,499.  Hassel said the piece of equipment would be housed at the Sheriff’s Department and the Drug Task Force along with the Drug Interdiction Team will use the equipment too.

The Commissioners approved the purchase.