Marshall_County MuseumThe Marshall County Museum will be undertaking a new project this spring and residents of Marshall County are welcome and encouraged to participate.

“Collecting Memories” is a photograph scanning project initiated by the Genealogy Society for the museum archives.  They are seeking community photos to scan and build the museum’s collection of street scenes, buildings, (businesses and homes), group activities, important community events, and photo portraits of people.  The pictures must be good and clear, and the people, places and events should be identified.  (As a benchmark, a newspaper clipping is not a photograph.)

Trained scanners will be at the Marshall County Museum every Wednesday afternoon starting in April.  They will scan your photo while you wait and return it to you the very same visit.  Each month “Collecting Memories” will have a theme to focus on.

In April it the theme will be sports pictures of Marshall County High School athletes and teams in action shots, victory photos and team pictures.  The May theme will be Architecture including street views, city aerial views, photos of homes and barns along with pictures of businesses.

Events will be the theme in June. The museum will be collecting and scanning pictures of events such as pictures of parades, fairs and festivals.  July, August and September’s theme will be family with photos from 1860 to 1900 being gathered in July, 1880 to 1920 in August and 1900 to 1950 for September.

Check your photograph collection and share it with the museum for future reference.  For more info call the Marshall County Museum at 936- 2306.