County News_logoEarlier this week the Marshall County Commissioners gave their support to Community Corrections as they begin working on the 2018 fiscal budget by applying for a state funded grant.

Ward Byers, director of the program told the commissioner he is applying for $335,023.62.   $39,500 of the grant will be used for the jail’s treatment program and in addition he will be asking for another full-time case manager.

When asked by the commissioner his thoughts on the longevity of the state’s grant funding Byers was confident the monies would be there for many years.   Ward reminded the commissioner that his program is saving taxpayers a lot of money.  He said, “Community Corrections is saving the county $3,640 a day and over the course of a year it’s $1.3 million annually.”  Byers was referring to the housing of level 6 felons for the Department of Corrections in local county jails and Community Corrections programs.

The Marshall County Commissioners unanimously approved a letter of support for the 2018 grant funding.